President Remarks


     In 1996, the founder of SHANGHAI  KENDO  CLUB., Mr.Shiikawa collaborated with Industry and Commercial Bureau and started up this organization within the Japanese School . Under the hardworking and collaborations, our organization hassuccessfully been operating for 18 years.

     The mission of this organization is to create the harmony of civil and martial virtue. To welcome anyone who looks forward to pursue this kind of value and those who value the friendship here, the organization recognizes both the new and former members. At the same time, the tradition of OB membersrelationship is maintained as usual.

     Currently, the membership includes 150 adults’ members and 50 minors’ members, who are from all over the world including the U.S., Korea, Italy, Germany, Netherland, and etc. The organization also keeps the record of the biggest and earliest Kendo community in mainland China, which is managed by Japanese citizen.

     To address the contribution of the 5th head of our organization, Mr. IWAYA, we want to specially appreciate his work in training and spreading the real Kendo in China, during the time when Chinese National Team of Kendo first appeared in the Kendo World Cup in 2009 in Brazil.

     As the growing population of Kendo around the world, we feel sorry that the development of Kendo in Japan is decreasing. However, we welcome all of you to join and enjoy the culture of Kendo wherever you are from. Especially for children, our organization dedicates to teach them about the major differences of Kendo from other martial art, to encourage them to practice and explore the world of Kendo in their lifetime.

     In the future, we hope to maintain the positive atmosphere for Kendo lovers in Shanghai. And nothing will be better if we can also make contribution to the culture communication between China and Japan for the young generation.