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<About us>

This organization is a charitable form which members and tutors both submit membership fee to maintain the operations.

In the organization, age, sexuality, and level of mastery will not limit the communication of Kendo lovers. Every participants are supposed to enjoy the freedom of Kendo practice.

In addition, we look forward our members to bring and spread the great virtue from Kendo to their schools, communities and even international stages.

Besides, the cooperation between the guardians of the minions’ members and the board members of this organization will help to build a Kendo community with harmony, energy, and creativity.

< Place and time for practice>

For children and amateur: Sunday 8:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m.

For Adults and experienced trainer: Sunday 10:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

The training location is mainly in the gymnasium of Shanghai Japanese School (Hongqiao Branch) . Special arrangement may occur and we recommend you to consult the official website of our organization for location details. (http://www.sh-kendo.com/)

<Rules of membership and visiting>

It is not available to visit the Japanese School (Hongqiao Branch) without contacting our organization and offering the personal contact information. In general, we do not recommend a site visit. If you wish to make appointment, please contact with us at least one week before your visit.


1.     Applicants who have experience in practicing Kendo and who are from Japanese School (Hongqiao Branch) can be registered immediately.

2.     Other applicants can apply in April or October of each year.

3.     If you wish to study Kendo in Chinese language environment, we recommend two Kendo Organizations managed by Chinese:

a.     Shanghai Kenshi Kendo Club: 


b.     Shanghai Shengxin Kendo Club:


<Membership Fee>

[Before Registered]

No separated charges. The membership fee should be submitted with the application to the accounting office of our organization.

1.     Adults: RMB 100/month, Others: (Including college students and international students) RMB 50/month

2.     Members will be charged according to the beginning time of membership. Charges will divide in two semesters: April to September semester, and October to March semester. Members will be charged only in the current semester.

3.     Example: (Adults)

Membership starts on August, charges will be RMB 200 for August and September membership. (2 months)

Membership starts on December, charges will be RMB 400 for December to March membership, (4 months)

*     There will not be refund when members drop out.

       [After Registered]

Please submit the charges in one time during April or October. (Totally for adults RMB 600; for Others RMB 300)

Please understand that there will not be refund if you cannot participate to the class and events if you have schedule conflicts for personal reasons.

However, if you are injured and ill, you can notify the organization and submit the temporary adjournment application.

If you are a student studying abroad in China and decides to leave early before the end of the semester in the organization, there will not be refund.

However, if you notify the organization of your future plan when you register, you are applicable to submit the membership fee by month standard.

[Leaving the Organization]

Please notify the organization for your future plan and personal schedule if you plan to leave early in order to arrange the appropriate members charge.


1.     Q: If I have no idea what is Kendo, can I apply?

A: Of course! We have experienced mentors to teach you from fundamental skills. Even if you cannot speak Japanese, we still have mentors who can speak in Chinese and English.

2.     Q: What about the class schedule and any other charges except the membership fee?

A: Amateurs and children members should practice at least once a week in a 2-years period. Even members are in high schools are supposed to practice for at least 1 year. After registration, new members should purchase the Shinai (from RMB 100 ~) and a martial art suit for Kendo (from RMB 350 ~)

3.     Q: Any attention?

A: Please prepare a name tag on the martial art suit. In addition, please remember to bring water to the class.

4.     Q: Any additional activities?

A: The organization will hold Kendo Competition and a series of traditional Japanese culture events including summer party and rice cake making and etc. Members will also have the chance to visit other city and join the cross organizations events. All those events are personal volunteer, no requirement.

5.     Q: If the members get injured, will there be any refund or compensation?

A: The organization does not take responsibility of any personal injury during the practice. It is the member’s responsibility to protect themselves and avoid to hurt others. Please check the equipment before the practice. Do not wear any metal stuffs during the practice.

6.     Q: What if I want to bring someone outside from the organization?

A: After the World Expo in Shanghai, the Shanghai Japanese School improves the campus security. According to the policy, anyone from outside the organization should go through the school office for personal identification. Please prevent to bring people from outside the organization due to the policy from the school.




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